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Let me start by explaining the crap I deal with :-

  • In my university, we have to use a proxy server (squid proxy) which has only port 80 open. Yes it is true :'(
  • Some sites like Youtube, Facebook etc.. are blocked.

The above two problems gave me hell lot of trouble …

Way to fuzz (I learnt it this way :P) [Information]

I had a hard time learning how to fuzz desktop applications and few web server softwares, because I cannot use google effectively. So I decided to compile a list for myself.

Read this book if possible, it is super awesome :D

  • Best win32 exploit development tutorials - corelan ( Because there is …

While I was doing my GSOC 13 project, I came across a situation which involves generation and signing of certificates on fly using a custom CA. So I searched the web and could only find outdated examples. I decided to share my script if anyone wishes to get some kind …

Skipfish through a proxy [Tools]

My recent use of skipfish for benchmarking some proxies left me searching for a way to route skipfish requests through a proxy server. After searching the web for few frantic moments, I understood that there are two approaches to solve this problem.

  1. To recompile skipfish after enabling the proxy feature …

This is about how I learnt about logos with the help of a facebook game named The Logo Game. During vacation because of extreme boredom in holidays, I finally started to look for some time consuming stuff :P. Eventually I stumbled upon Facebook games in particular a game called The …

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