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Go to the contributor's wiki. All the rules are present there :P The following is a self made reminder post XD Let me go through this post in a Q&A format so that you can craft up your own solutions if you like.

OWTF is supposed to be run …

I always feel like my selection in GSoC 2013 was all magic because of the fact that I was completely unaware about the presence of infosec community in GSoC. I contacted Abraham Aranguren, the project leader for OWASP Offensive Web Testing Framework. He was very helpful throughout the gruelsome process …

Plug-n-Hack support in OWTF [Tools]

Plug-n-Hack (PnH) is a proposed standard from the Mozilla security team for defining how security tools can interact with browsers in a more useful and usable way. More info about PnH can be found in this blog post.

The interesting thing is that OWTF now supports this standard and below …