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Configuring i3 for my setup [Linux]

I later moved to bspwm, maybe you might want to look at that as well --> bspwm

Well, in this article, I will follow step by step procedure of setting up i3. My dotfiles

  • First of all, install i3, i3lock & i3status. Generally, installing i3 will pull these as dependencies.
  • Edit your …

Go to the contributor's wiki. All the rules are present there :P The following is a self made reminder post XD Let me go through this post in a Q&A format so that you can craft up your own solutions if you like.

OWTF is supposed to be run …

GUI is for the weak [Linux]

Recently there has been lot of fuzz about the end of winamp and video tearing in vlc in awesome wm etc... As this is my own blog, I am going to state some of my opinions :P

  • GUI is for the weak

The above statement may seem highly arrogant and …

Awesome Window Manager [Linux]

After a long time I had some quality time to try a tiling window manager. My first tiling window manager is AWESOME. Some important things to remember while going out on this path :-

  • It can be really tough in the beginning to write/tweak configuration files, but it will be …

Let me start by explaining the crap I deal with :-

  • In my university, we have to use a proxy server (squid proxy) which has only port 80 open. Yes it is true :'(
  • Some sites like Youtube, Facebook etc.. are blocked.

The above two problems gave me hell lot of trouble …