This text should describe my current setup including hardware and software. If you have alternatives that you want me to try, please comment below. I would love to hear about alternatives. Configuration for any of my settings if public will either be present in my dotfiles or hermes (terraform self hosted configurations)



  • MacbookPro 2017
  • Dell XPS 13 9350
  • Desktop


Operating Systems

MacOS, Linux majorly. All development and work happens on these two. My desktop also boots Windows for Steam and Origin gaming.


Distribution Arch Linux
Window Manager bspwm
X daemon sxhkd
Emulator termite
Compositor compton


fish I find fish shell to be the python of shells. It is super easy to use and customizing it is a bliss. I use omf to handle fish plugins & use batman as my fish theme.
vim There cannot be a substitute for this, my entry into world of cli. LEGENDARY!!
tmux It is impossible for me to work without tmux, I have a status line that is suited for me.
neomutt Vanilla neomutt is my email client, use it with plain imap.
weechat My irc+slack+matrix client, works superbly.
taskwarrior Task list to keep track of things to do.
mpd (ncmpcpp) My music daemon and client, synced using rclone.
rclone Used for backing up things to cloud, things that I cannot push to public version control.
buku For bookmarks, db is synced across devices using rclone.
pass Password manager with unix philosophy, synced across devices using rclone.
jq Swiss knife for json processing.
peco Interactive filtering tool for terminal.
stow Use it for managing my dotfiles.
aria2 Multi-protocol download utility.
youtube-dl Youtube downloader and conversion facility.
terraform Infrastructure as code, used to maintain my cloud infrastructure.
GNU sed, awk, parallel


ls exa (my ls and derivates are aliased to exa)
Ctrl+R fzf (used for directory naviation, history search via fish fzf bindings)
cat bat (nothing beats this)
grep ripgrep (very very fast, so fast that my vim is defaulted to use ripgrep)
diff diff-so-fancy (so fancy that my git is defaulted to use this diff utility)

Self Hosted

Some of the following are on my desktop while some run on cloud.

dokuwiki Wiki for collaboration.
gitea Private git server.
miniflux Feed collection and reader.
znc IRC bouncer.
transmission Torrent client.
couchpotato Movie downloader.
sickrage Tv/Anime downloader.
headphones Music downloader.
traefik Reverse proxy with excellent support for cloudflare dns and letsencrypt certs.
osmc Runs on a raspberry pi3 connected to a tv via HDMI, allowing me to stream online content using kodi plugins & also to stream offline content from my desktop.
emby Runs on my desktop and streams content to any device on my home network. Emby plugin is used in osmc to stream onto tv.


This is how dark I generally work, with fancy rgb lights

More screenshots in dotfiles.

Last updated: 23-04-19