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I recently had the necessity to test multiple flash files for XSS. Flashbang is an awesome tool for this kind of work. Since Flashbang needs a browser to run, the only way to automate it for multiple files is to use a headless browser like PhantomJS. So, it was easy …

Crawler for NMDC networks [Tools]

What is the meaning of a crawler in a file sharing network? Very simple for me. Something that collects all the files that are shared by clients on that dc network. But collecting all the shared files is a huge task. So, I reduced my task to just collecting metadata …

Plug-n-Hack support in OWTF [Tools]

Plug-n-Hack (PnH) is a proposed standard from the Mozilla security team for defining how security tools can interact with browsers in a more useful and usable way. More info about PnH can be found in this blog post.

The interesting thing is that OWTF now supports this standard and below …

Skipfish through a proxy [Tools]

My recent use of skipfish for benchmarking some proxies left me searching for a way to route skipfish requests through a proxy server. After searching the web for few frantic moments, I understood that there are two approaches to solve this problem.

  1. To recompile skipfish after enabling the proxy feature …


  • Download the latest version from here
  • You need python 3 for running this tool.
  • PyQuery is also required for running this tool.

Pyquery can be installed using pip

sudo pip install pyquery


  • First the proxies must be configured in the config file correctly. Pick some open proxies which …

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