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Playing with python PEX files [Python]


Recently I have been coming across lots of Python EXecutables. This seems to be a popular way of distributing python programs along with their dependencies. All that is necessary is a compatible python runtime. A very quick and a bit outdated WTF is PEX?. In most cases …

Stegosploit is simple fun!! [Python]

If you are not familiar with the word STEGOSPLOIT then you must definitely look at the following links

  • The actual talk
  • Followed by huge popularity. Just google the word!
  • Then criticism
  • Then, I stopped following the topic at this stage.

Slides of the talk are available here

My Thoughts

  • Would …

I always feel like my selection in GSoC 2013 was all magic because of the fact that I was completely unaware about the presence of infosec community in GSoC. I contacted Abraham Aranguren, the project leader for OWASP Offensive Web Testing Framework. He was very helpful throughout the gruelsome process …

While I was doing my GSOC 13 project, I came across a situation which involves generation and signing of certificates on fly using a custom CA. So I searched the web and could only find outdated examples. I decided to share my script if anyone wishes to get some kind …