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My first BruCON (2014) [Information]

It couldn't have been any better for me. If you haven't been to BruCON, I suggest you to hurry up. As one of the attendees tweeted - 'You never meet a stranger at BruCON'. I was one of the 5by5 speakers for the 2014 edition.


The journey was too long …

One year with OWTF! [Information]

Well, weird things happen in many ways ;). I always wanted to build a security tool which will be used by people (simple dreams that every skiddie has). Last year around this time when I was accidentally going through the list of accepted organizations for GSoC 2013, I visited OWASP's …

My first n|ucon [Information]

I always wanted to attend infosec conferences, but waited for a chance to make my first con memorable. Atlast, I got the information that OWTF is selected for a n|ucon subevent called AMMO. Information available here.

Day 0 (Zero Eve - 13th Feb night talks)

As I reached Goa on …

Blogging the hacker way [Information]

I never really considered shifting my blog to a different platform as I am lazy and my previous attempts ended up wasting my time. But then I got bored of using blogger interface to write posts. Apart from the fact that you don't have to take care of hosting, everything …

Way to fuzz (I learnt it this way :P) [Information]

I had a hard time learning how to fuzz desktop applications and few web server softwares, because I cannot use google effectively. So I decided to compile a list for myself.

Read this book if possible, it is super awesome :D

  • Best win32 exploit development tutorials - corelan ( Because there is …