I had a hard time learning how to fuzz desktop applications and few web server softwares, because I cannot use google effectively. So I decided to compile a list for myself.

Read this book if possible, it is super awesome :D

  • Best win32 exploit development tutorials - corelan ( Because there is no fun in fuzzing when you don't know how to develop an exploit, unless you wish to do it to report some bugs :P )
  • The fuzzers (or) fuzzer frameworks I used :- peach, spike, uniofuzz, sickfuzz.
  • I preffered peach because I like the idea of models.
  • Best tutorials online for using peach fuzzer (or) making peach pit files :- 
  1. http://peachfuzzer.com/v3/PeachQuickStart.html
  2. http://www.flinkd.org/2011/07/fuzzing-with-peach-part-1/
  3. http://peachfuzzer.com/v3/PeachPit.html
  4. http://www.nullthreat.net/2011/01/fuzzing-with-peach-install-part-1.html