Well, weird things happen in many ways ;). I always wanted to build a security tool which will be used by people (simple dreams that every skiddie has). Last year around this time when I was accidentally going through the list of accepted organizations for GSoC 2013, I visited OWASP's Ideas page and ended up sending mails to two projects. What followed was pure black magic :P. I selected OWTF project to continue with the GSoC process & somehow my proposal got accepted. Well, this is how it started, but to be precise, even before I was accepted I started contributing because the project was really interesting ;)

My first contribution was a simple bug fix, which was difficult at that time considering the huge size of OWTF.

List of my main contributionsยง

Some Git Statsยง

  • Number of commits : 163 (git shortlog -sn)
  • Bugs fixed + Features added : 75 (git log --pretty=oneline --author="[email protected]" | grep -i "fix" | wc -l)
  • Lines added : 16550 (Check these commands)
  • Lines deleted : 13886

These stats are just for fun & I can confirm that my contributions to this awesome project are nothing compared to what I got from OWTF. I am unable to come up with a word to describe my fantastic experience with OWTF so far. OWTF along with this blogpost will remain incomplete without mentioning Abraham Aranguren, the founder & project leader for Offensive Web Testing Framework. I really don't think there can be a better project leader :D. I am glad to have him as my project leader.

Happenings with OWTF!ยง

  • I will be mentoring a OWTF project during GSoC 2014.
  • Some serious development is going on in UI branch of our repo ;)
  • Check out the ideas of OWTF for GSoC 2014 to know about future features (There are some hidden surprises as well)
  • Next version including Botnet Mode will be out before GSoC 2014 coding period.