It couldn't have been any better for me. If you haven't been to BruCON, I suggest you to hurry up. As one of the attendees tweeted - 'You never meet a stranger at BruCON'. I was one of the 5by5 speakers for the 2014 edition.


The journey was too long with a flight time of 11 hours. My journey was VNS-DEL-AUH-BRU. I reached Brussels on 24th Sept. All my weariness vanished the moment I landed in Brussels Airport. Since it was my first time in Europe, I had the privilege to admire almost everything :P. Adding to this, Gent was nothing short of a visual treat.

Day 0 (24th Sept, 2014)ยง

As soon as I reached my hotel, I contacted my team mate who was already there. At the speakers dinner, I met my GSoC 13 mentor Krzysztof Kotowicz along with many other cool people and came to know about their work. That night was a blast, and as soon as I returned to the hotel, I dozed off.

Day 1 (25th Sept, 2014)ยง

The first day at conference involves registration. As soon as I checked the schedule, I realised that the lightning talks were scheduled in the afternoon of the same day. So, sitting in a talk, finished the slides and mailed them. It wasn't particularly great, but it went on something like this

What followed it was a huge surprise

Day 2 (26th Sept, 2014)ยง

The second day, I met my other GSoC 2013 mentor Javier Marcos and saw him win the nviso ctf. In the afternoon I had the 5by5 talk, which went like this

The slides are available on speakerdeck. Met few more cool people. Overall, it was a really good experience. On my flight back home, all I did was to correct people who used a wrong twitter handle :P. If you wish to see some pics, I have them in my fb albums.