Go to the contributor's wiki. All the rules are present there :P The following is a self made reminder post XD Let me go through this post in a Q&A format so that you can craft up your own solutions if you like.

###OWTF is supposed to be run on Kali

Problem :- But kali is not regularly used as a main distro. Kali is generally used inside a VM. So install an editor inside kali bla bla bla...

My Solution :- Use shared folders in your virtualization software. I use VirtualBox, in which guest additions are supposed to be installed to use shared folders. Enable bi-directional clipboard as well. So you can now edit your code in your HOST OS.

Problem :- Still painful to switch between guest and host for editing and running code???

My Solution :- Start the ssh server in kali, and connect to it. As owtf is a command line utility you shouln't have a problem.

NOTE: Donot forget to run owtf inside your shared directories so that you can view the report in your Host OS itself (Iceweasel sux).

###Debugging in OWTF

Problem :- OWTF has two important logs, how to open them simultaneously each time you run OWTF?

My Solution :- Use an intelligent terminal like urxvt which lets you click on file links and execute a particual command(i.e open those files in a new tab)

Problem :- How the hell do you expect me to switch between these logs??

My Solution :- Use a tiling window manager (or) atleast use a terminal emulator which can be split (terminator):P

OWTF Running

Problem :- OWTF is not exiting cleanly i.e lots of zombie processes XD

My Solution :- Keep this in your .bashrc

kill -9 `ps | grep -v "bash$\|ps$\|grep$\|CMD$\|awk$" | awk '{ print $1 }'