Changing Gravatar of Others!!

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So, yeah the title is true. I found some vulnerabilities which can be chained to change the gravatar of any logged-in user. The one draw back for this attack is the knowledge of the email address of the victim. I walked through the process of changing gravatar and found a CSRF at every stage except the last one. So I shifted to using Clickjacking for the last stage :P

{% gist tunnelshade/fcd818734c44e9605822 %}

Timeline :

19 Oct, 2013 - Vulnerabilities Discovered

19 Oct, 2013 - Tried contacting Automattic (maintainer of Gravatar)

11 Nov, 2013 - Got a response, so sent the POC

19 Feb, 2014 - Tried contacting regarding the status

21 Feb, 2014 - Status recvd. that some vulns were fixed

11 May, 2014 - Public disclosure

P.S - Got some swag from Automattic for these reports. They don't have a bounty program, atleast they don't even have an email address to report vulns in Gravatar.

2014-05-11 :: {bugs}