I never really considered shifting my blog to a different platform as I am lazy and my previous attempts ended up wasting my time. But then I got bored of using blogger interface to write posts. Apart from the fact that you don't have to take care of hosting, everything else in Blogger is a disaster for me.

  • Ugly themes
  • Bad editor
  • Ugly themes :P
  • Bad editor XD

So I thought of shifting to some other solution. My decision parameters were:-

  • I want free and reliable hosting for the blog because I dont want to run around fixing stuff.
  • I should be able to write posts in markdown.
  • I want to theme my blog ground up.

Jekyll is something which is suitable for me:-

  • Github pages can be used for hosting.
  • Redcarpet markdown.
  • Nice templating engine.

How I got this blog running?

  • Install Jekyll in your system & don't forget to add ~/.gem/ruby/.../bin to your PATH variable

      gem install jekyll
  • Visit jekyll docs on how to use jekyll

  • Checkout github pages on hosting your new jekyll blog

  • Also visit this to use custom domain etc..

  • Check out the source code of my blog to see how social buttons, comments etc.. are implemented

  • Useful Link