I always wanted to attend infosec conferences, but waited for a chance to make my first con memorable. Atlast, I got the information that OWTF is selected for a n|ucon subevent called AMMO. Information available here.

Day 0 (Zero Eve - 13th Feb night talks)ยง

As I reached Goa on 12th, I spent that day visiting various places in Velha Goa. The talks were supposed to start from 7:00 PM, so with the hope of meeting new people I reached the venue an hour early. I spent an hour roaming in the venue trying to make some friends & finally I meet a bunch of people who are from Andhra Pradesh. Had a good conversation & we moved to Meteora hall where night talks were supposed to happen. After night talks, I had a brief chat with Abhay Rana (a fellow IITian) about his talk & then went on to collect my badge. I was surprised.

Day 1 (14th Feb)ยง

I am really not sure if anything better can happen on the very first day of my very first conference. Met some really cool people, saw some really great talks and did non-stop speaking for about 3 hours regarding OWTF in AMMO. At the end of the day, I had a great dinner with all my newly found friends.

Day 2 (15th Feb)ยง

Last day, so I wanted to enjoy every bit of it. Met some new people again but realised the fact that networking is as important as attending talks. Clicked some cool pics :P. Surprisingly got some Job offers :P, which were reduced to internship offers when people came to know that I am a student. Had a great time at the venue :D


One of my main goal was to popularize OWTF among the community & I am sure that owtf got some good attention. Putting it all together, I learnt the following things from this experience:

  • Mark out important talks & make sure you attend them. Balance your networking and talks
  • Never hesitate to meet new people :D
  • Share your research if possible so that others have a reason to share (I got to know a lot of new ideas)
  • Don't forget to ask for email addresses when necessary
  • Always be the cool dude xD

Some blogs written by cool people whom I met (you might already know these people :P) :

Looking forward for another cool n|ucon 2015 at the same place ;)