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If you need an introduction to AFL, you have probably missed out a lot in the instrumented binary fuzzing saga for the past couple of years. afl-fuzz(fuzzer part of this toolset) is extremely fast, easy to use and requires minimal configuration. Technical details of AFL are available here. All this awesomeness was written in C, a language that I almost never used. So I wanted to try and understand the implementation i.e How ideas were translated to code in AFL.


1. Idea

Consider a sample program which determines a command line parameter to be even or odd.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>

int main(int arc, char *argv[]) {
        ((atoi(argv[1]) % 2) == 1) ? printf("Odd") : printf("Even");
        return 0;

Coverage guided fuzzing requires the fuzzer to be aware of execution flow in the target in response to a certain input. One way to achieve it is to modify the source code in a way to trace the flow. Somewhat like

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>

int main(int arc, char *argv[]) {
        notifyFuzzer("main starting")
        if ((atoi(argv[1]) % 2) == 1) {
                notifyFuzzer("if condition taken")
        } else {
                notifyFuzzer("else condition taken")
        return 0;

Question remains - How to instrument super huge code base in a language agnostic and collision resistant manner?

HINT: Compilers (language -> assembly), assembler (assembly -> object code), linker (object code -> executable/library)

Assembler is a good place to instrument the basic blocks. For example, gcc by default uses GNU as assembler. afl-gcc is a wrapper around gcc which uses afl-as by symlinking afl-as as as and adding the directory to compiler search path via -B.

2. Coverage Measurements

Please go through Coverage measurements section of the technical paper for an indepth understanding of it. A quick recap for the enlightened ones, AFL assigns a random compile time constant to each basic block and uses a 64kB array to trace the execution flow with the help of following logic.

cur_location = <COMPILE_TIME_RANDOM>;
shared_mem[cur_location ^ prev_location]++;
prev_location = cur_location >> 1;

3. Communication

  • AFL uses forkserver model to fuzz a program. For more info on the forkserver model of fuzzing, check this.
  • Instance of the instrumented binary will be used as a forkserver which will communicate with the fuzzer process via fds 198 (control queue) & 199 (status queue).
  • Clones of this forkserver instance are used to run the testcases. So, techically the actual fuzzy input execution happens in grandchildren process of the fuzzer.
  • The execution trace from the target is available via shared memory (shm) to the fuzzer process.

4. Implementation

afl-as parses the assembly file and adds

  • a trampoline at places where flow needs to be recorded. Each trampoline written has a unique constant hardcoded in it, which is used for tracing the flow between different blocks. That constant is loaded into [re]cx and __afl_maybe_log ion is called. AFL generally places a trampoline at the beginning of main to create the forkserver.

    lea rsp, qword rsp - 0x98
    mov qword [rsp], rdx
    mov qword [arg_8h], rcx
    mov qword [arg_10h], rax
    mov rcx, 0xcb0
    call loc.__afl_maybe_log
    mov rax, qword [arg_10h]
    mov rcx, qword [arg_8h]
    mov rdx, qword [rsp]
    lea rsp, qword rsp + 0x98
  • a main payload which consists of multiple __afl code locations like __afl_maybe_log and other variable declarations that will be used by those functions. In an instrumented binary you can find the following afl related symbols, all NOTYPE ones are basically assembly code locations for jumping to and OBJECT symbols are for variable data.

    Type Bind Name Usage
    NOTYPE LOCAL __afl_maybe_log() The only function called from trampoline - (__afl_area_ptr == 0) __afl_setup() : __afl_store()
    NOTYPE LOCAL __afl_setup()
    • if __afl_setup_failure != 0: __afl_return()
    • __afl_global_area_ptr == 0 ? __afl_setup_first() : __afl_store()
    NOTYPE LOCAL __afl_setup_first() One time setup inside the target process - Get shm id from env var __AFL_SHM_ID - Map the shared memory and store the location in __afl_area_ptr & __afl_global_area_ptr - __afl_forkserver()
    NOTYPE LOCAL __afl_store()
    • shared_mem[cur_loc ^ prev_loc]++; prev_loc = cur_loc >> 1;
    NOTYPE LOCAL __afl_die() Call exit()
    NOTYPE LOCAL __afl_forkserver() Write 4 bytes to fd 199 and __afl_fork_wait_loop()
    NOTYPE LOCAL __afl_fork_wait_loop()
    • Wait for 4 bytes on fd 198 and then clone the current process
    • In child process, __afl_fork_resume()
    • In parent
      • Store child pid to __afl_fork_pid
      • Write it to fd 199 and call waitpid which will write child exit status to __afl_temp
      • Write child exit status in __afl_tempt to fd 199.
      • __afl_fork_wait_loop()
    NOTYPE LOCAL __afl_fork_resume() Closes the fds 198 & 199 (fuzzer <-> forkserver comm) & resumes with execution
    NOTYPE LOCAL __afl_setup_abort() Increment __afl_setup_failure and __afl_return()
    NOTYPE LOCAL __afl_return() Simple return
    OBJECT GLOBAL __afl_global_area_ptr Global ptr to shared memory
    OBJECT LOCAL __afl_area_ptr Ptr to shared memory
    OBJECT LOCAL __afl_fork_pid Cloned pid variable
    OBJECT LOCAL __afl_prev_loc Previous location variable, used to update traces in shared memory
    OBJECT LOCAL __afl_setup_failure Counter to setup failures
    OBJECT LOCAL __afl_temp Temp varible for different purposes

5. Example

Try compiling the above c code with afl-gcc and have a look at the decompiled main(). The easiest way to picturise is to use graph mode of your disassembler. The intention is to show the injection of trampolines in all basic blocks.

                                        | [0x810] ;[gd]                                                    |
                                        |   ; section 13 va=0x00000810 pa=0x00000810 sz=1730 vsz=1730 rwx= |
                                        |   ;-- main:                                                      |
                                        |   ;-- section_end..plt:                                          |
                                        |   ;-- section..text:                                             |
                                        | (fcn) sym.main 311                                               |
                                        | lea rsp, qword rsp - 0x98; test.c:5 int main(int arc, char *argv |
                                        | mov qword [rsp], rdx; .//:1347                                   |
                                        | mov qword [arg_8h], rcx                                          |
                                        | mov qword [arg_10h], rax                                         |
                                        | mov rcx, 0xcb0                                                   |
                                        | call loc.__afl_maybe_log;[ga]                                    |
                                        | mov rax, qword [arg_10h]                                         |
                                        | mov rcx, qword [arg_8h]                                          |
                                        | mov rdx, qword [rsp]                                             |
                                        | lea rsp, qword rsp + 0x98                                        |
                                        | ...                                                              |
                                                | |
                                                | '-------------------------------.
        .---------------------------------------'                                 |
        |                                                                         |
        |                                                                         |
.----------------------------------------------------------------------.    .-----------------------------------------------------------------------.
| nop dword [rax]                                                      |    |      ; JMP XREF from 0x0000086b (sym.main)                            |
| lea rsp, qword rsp - 0x98                                            |    | nop                                                                   |
| mov qword [rsp], rdx                                                 |    | lea rsp, qword rsp - 0x98; test.c:6  ((atoi(argv[1]) % 2) == 1) ? pri |
| mov qword [arg_8h], rcx                                              |    | mov qword [rsp], rdx                                                  |
| mov qword [arg_10h], rax                                             |    | mov qword [arg_8h], rcx                                               |
| mov rcx, 0x7fee                                                      |    | mov qword [arg_10h], rax                                              |
| call loc.__afl_maybe_log;[ga]                                        |    | mov rcx, 0xa6de                                                       |
| ; [0x10:8]=0x1003e0003                                               |    | call loc.__afl_maybe_log;[ga]                                         |
| mov rax, qword [arg_10h]                                             |    | ; [0x10:8]=0x1003e0003                                                |
| ; [0x8:8]=0                                                          |    | mov rax, qword [arg_10h]                                              |
| ...                                                                  |    | ; [0x8:8]=0                                                           |
`----------------------------------------------------------------------'    | ...                                                                   |