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  • Download the latest version from here
  • You need python 3 for running this tool.
  • PyQuery is also required for running this tool.

Pyquery can be installed using pip

sudo pip install pyquery


  • First the proxies must be configured in the config file correctly. Pick some open proxies which use basic http auth or no auth at all. The username:password part must be omitted if not required. Make sure you use only one proxy on one line.
username:[email protected]:port
  • Now just go the directory where thedumpster.py exists and run
python thedumpster.py --help


usage: thedumpster.py [-h] [-l LIMIT] [-ghdb] [-ap] [-p] [-a ADD] [-r REM] [-ws] domain


Flags / Parameters

  • -l : The value provided here will be limit for the number of results that will be returned for your search.
  • -ghdb : This flag when sets prompts you to select a type of dork from GHDB dorks, which will be tested against the domain.
  • -ap : This flag when set asks for the possbile backend of the web infrastructure. Then based on the backend it picks appropriate dorks for searching.
  • -p : This flag allows to search for any pastebin dumps.
  • -a : This argument allows you to add custom search keywords. Multiple search words must be separated by comma. Eg :- intext:error,ext:sql
  • -r : This argument allows you to exclude search results of a site. Multiple domain exclusion can be done by separating those domains with a comma. Eg:- foo.bar.com,shut.bar.com
  • -ws : The most important flag of all. This flag allows you to do google search which is against Google's TOS. So author is not responsible for your usage.
  • domain : This is a compulsory positional argument. Better to provide the root domain so that all subdomains are included in search results.

For example if we wish to search a site example.com , for admin panels while excluding sites foo.example.com, and extra query intext:login then you can use something like this

python thedumpster.py -l 10 -ap -a intext:login -r foo.example.com example.com

P.S The -ws flag is not taken by default