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Configuring bspwm for my setup [Linux]

After about few months with i3, I stumbled upon i3gaps in my quest for some space between the tiling windows. If you haven't heard or used i3 like window manager, you might prefer using it first. Soon, I started seeing awesome configurations of herbstluftwm and bspwm. Out of these two …

Every time I try a bug bounty program on HackerOne, I first check for flash files on the domains which are in scope. Flash files are always a good target as far as I am concerned. Approximately three months back, I came across bug bounty. So, when I …

I recently had the necessity to test multiple flash files for XSS. Flashbang is an awesome tool for this kind of work. Since Flashbang needs a browser to run, the only way to automate it for multiple files is to use a headless browser like PhantomJS. So, it was easy …

Phacilitating phew bugs ;) [Bugs]

I am not a huge fan of bug bounties since I am more of a tool developer. But as the title suggests, to keep myself fresh & bounties from IBB are special. So enter Phabricator.

Phabricator is :
  • the best piece of software for collaboration
  • originally written at Facebook
  • now maintained by …

Configuring i3 for my setup [Linux]

I later moved to bspwm, maybe you might want to look at that as well --> bspwm

Well, in this article, I will follow step by step procedure of setting up i3. My dotfiles

  • First of all, install i3, i3lock & i3status. Generally, installing i3 will pull these as dependencies.
  • Edit your …

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